SCOTT MAT® is a family of densified vinyl sound barrier products that exhibits superior noise control performance. Scott Mat can be adapted to attenuate many sound frequencies to meet customer needs, providing excellent sound transmission loss and vibration damping. Densified acoustical mat can reduce/ block noise in a wide variety of applications from appliances, automotive, HVAC, heavy equipment and construction (residential and commercial) to factories and industrial plants. 

SCOTT MAT® is available in a variety of densities and with optional laminated facings and/or pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) for “quick” peel and stick applications. For more demanding acoustic applications, it is also available with a variety of acoustic absorbing/ decoupling materials “fusion-bonded” on one or both sides.

Scott has been designing custom solutions for over 70 years. From concept to completion, we are dedicated to serving our customers and creating the best quality products that will suit your needs.

• Plain barrier or fusion bonded with acoustic absorber/decoupler
• Solid
• Flexible, but high tear resistance
• Thin profile
• Optional “peel and stick” Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)

• Superior sound transmission loss performance
• Moisture & Vapor Resistant
• Microbial Resistant
• Irritation Free 

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