AcoustiWrap® is uniquely designed to reduce noise in compressors, pumps, and other mechanical devices. AcoustiWrap’s versatile, custom design fits many applications and makes it the perfect choice and can be fitted with an optional acoustical base pad to further isolate noise pollution. 

AcoustiWrap is manufactured from recognized components approved by Underwriters Laboratories. All Scott Manufacturing materials are carefully tested to ensure the highest quality products. 

AcoustiWrap features hook and loop attachment and is customized according to the application. This system makes installation a breeze and allows for better sound control. 

AcoustiWrap is an excellent solution for minimizing noise complaints from homeowners and neighbors and provides quality performance and grants a desirable environment.

• Superior Noise Reduction
• UL Recognized
• Wrapping Shape
• Easy Installation
• Custom Fit Design
• Cost-Effective
• Lower Minimum Order Quantities

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