Growth from re-growth

 Scott is about more than just creating and supplying the highest quality products to our customers. Not only do we carry out our commitment to our customers, but we also fulfill our responsibility to our community, employees and environment. 

 Scott is organized on Lean and Green Principles. We constantly strive for better conservation methods and the use of recycled products. Through our own personal commitment, Scott has been dedicated to a Green Initiative. We have made significant progress in the way we manufacture and manage our resources while taking pride in our stewardship. 


The Scott Green Initiative

  • Implemented LEAN Manufacturing and Office Technology.
  • Kaizen eliminated all production LP fueled fork trucks with electric units to improve operating efficiency, workplace air quality, and reduce carbon foot print.
  • Continued emphasis on using materials and operations that utilize recycled products, reduced energy sources, scrap reduction and material utilization.
  • Began customer onsite Kaizen events.
  • Purchased first Hybrid sales car.
  • Working with locally sold Biodiesel suppliers for fleet and agricultural equipment.
  • Updating facilities to higher energy efficient insulations, HVAC and natural lighting.
  • In process for ISO 14000 certification.